Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Proud Mama!

This weekend marked the first weekend of competitive dance for Nico and his team, Ozone. Nico loves hip hop dancing, but hates missing seeing his other friends that don't dance because he has to go to practice. However, I think today made him fell super good about all the hard work he put into it.

Nico has performed on stage before for recitals, but never in a competitive atmosphere. He was very interested in watching the other hip hop teams to see what his competition was. (great idea!) I think I was more nervous for him than he was. Nico has 3 stall style head stands to do and got them all! My heart was about to burst from my chest with pride.

Also a couple of weeks ago the team had a little talkin' to from the coach with the parents present. The team was just not working as a team. It is 3 boys and 5 girls, all ages 10-12.....
Thursday was dress rehearsal and Nico commented that the team actually felt like a team that night. Maybe it was because they were all dressed alike!

Their hard work paid off and they earned an elite first place (which is like a second place) in their hip hop division and a first place in the novice overall small group division (like out of 10 teams). Super great job for a team that wasn't real cohesive just a couple weeks ago, but pulled it off. There were still many sloppy parts that were caught on film, but overall they did great. They all deserve to be very proud of themselves.

This is Nico and one of his team mates, Kolin with their medals and the plague for Aim High Elites wall! That smile says it all! All that hard work and effort. And they sure had fun!

For this homeschooling family I am totally enjoying seeing Nico fit in with this great group of kids and making new friendships. Also friendships that have a common ground and support for each other.

Another competition next Saturday, then we get a break until April.
(here' hoping their heads don't get too big - there is still improvement to be made)