Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, 2013

Here it is another year gone. My husband and I are spending our New Year's Eve at our jobs. Super exciting right?! Someone has to do it. My boys are at their aunt's house getting to stay up to bring in the New Year with family. I am okay with it as I have the next 4 days off work! We start back to school on January 2.

I have enjoyed our break so much! I sure hope we jump right back into the swing of things though. To make our first day back go a little smoother we are going to start out with some 2013 activities. I have been scouring Pinterst and the web for some fun ideas.

For Luca we are going to start working on some calendar skills. I thought the first project we would do is to start making a calendar. We will do each month as it comes along. I found this idea on Pinterst, My Handprint Calendar. They are the cutest handprint calendars ever! Luca had a lot of fun making the handprint Christmas tree (in my last post) that I think he will really enjoy this (and I will have a keepsake).

Nico will be doing some writing activities for 2013. I found this Poster Freebie on TeachersPayTeachers. He really enjoyed the "If I Were Santa, Elf Application, and Reindeer Application" so hoping this one will be fun too.

We had some snow fall today, New Year's Eve so tomorrow should be fun for our last day off. We will do some sledding and ATV riding.

I have two minutes until midnight, so I am out of here to call my husband and kids!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Art

I have totally become hooked on viewing things on Pinterest. I have actually even completed some of the projects I pinned. I use many of the recipes. I love how organized it keeps my things.

This holiday season we are working on some of the holiday crafts. Here is one the boys did yesterday. I love the way they turned out. I plan to keep them and hang them up each of the following years. I also have many of Nico's previous Christmas art work framed. They get hung up during the season.

Setting up the paint

Green hand prints

Nico had free range to do what he wanted. I loved listening to him tell me how Ms. Flavia, the art teacher, taught him how to place the colors.

Luca may not like to draw with crayons but he sure loves a paint brush!

Adding details

Finished Product

Luca adding details

Another beautiful project.

Elf On The Shelf

Our little Elf is named Christopher. He arrived for his first time last year. Christopher is getting braveer and having more fun with the boys this year. Here are some of his shinanigans and spy missions.

Christopher arrived this year in the Aloe plant.

He was fishing in Nico's fish tank.

Playing spy games in Luca's room.
Hanging out with some "Angry" friends.
Taking a ride on the Hot Wheels track.

He left some Elf Kisses to encourage good behavior.
He delivers weekly Elf Reports.
I have a few more but for some reason the blog is not liking them to load. He has TP'd the Christmas tree which Luca thought was "AWESOME". He was using marshmallows to build a snowman and has been seen hiding out in the plants throughout the house. Just a few more days left for Christopher to send back full reports to Santa!