Monday, October 1, 2012


We had a good time last week studying Egypt.

The boys painted a pyramid and wrote their names in hierglyphs.
I then wrapped them up like mummys. I had to laugh when I told Luca at breakfast I was going to turn them into mummys that day. Luca quickly said, "NO, don't take my brains out!" (glad he had been listening)

We then moved into the kitchen to create small mummys.

Nico always loves a messy project

The mummys

I love Luca's face...he is not so much on the messy part.
To make the mummys we took little army guys and covered them with paper mache. This is Luca's first time with a messy project like this. This week we will be painting little coffins I bought at Micheal's and covering them with a colored in Egyptian top.

We then took a week long break for a fun trip to California to visit family. (and do some school work-aquarium, Legoland, the beach, Hollywood) Pictures to come!

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