Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring is Coming Right?

Oh this weather is killing me! Up and down the temperatures go!
I know this is happening all across the United States. I am finished with winter! We had a record snow for the end of March last week. At our house we had about 13" of snow. The kids loved it, but mom and dad not so much. Of course the boys wanted to go sledding. It was a little wet for sledding down the hill. They tried the ATV but it was too deep for ours. They talked Mike into getting the tractor to pull them. They had a blast. Mike had the blade on so as they went along he collected up snow then pulled the blade up creating a nice hill for them to go over. It was a beautiful snow and thankfully only lasted two days.

I am anxiously waiting for the warm weather to get my 97 broiler chickens outside in their chicken tractors. I planned on buying a new building for Nico's 4-H chickens, however, I wasn't planning on having it house the broilers too. I couldn't take the chickens in the house and garage anymore so was super excited when they called Monday and said they were delivering the building. Immediately the cages were moved out to it. 
 I love the building. I have plans to add three separate cages for breeding/show chickens/injured chickens (how ever they will be needed they will be ready). I am going to add brooder boxes in one corner. The rest will be open for chicken play. I will be adding a large fenced area to the sides for free ranging, plus chickens tractors are being built for them so they can get out in the yard and eat up. (Coyotes have come out even during the day and snatched a rooster so I had to quit with the whole property free ranging).
Today I spent 3 hours fixing up a corner of the coop for the broilers. They were not happy while I was moving them around and working, but they sure were happy to get in the area and be able to move. I need to video them when I first feed them. It is pure craziness!
After working in the coop this morning, I quickly got things together for the boys to color a dozen eggs before I had to go to work. Pinterest, as I said before, is my new best friend! I found a couple of cool ways to try decorating our eggs this year. One of the ways is using shaving cream with food color swirled into it. You then roll the egg in the mixture, let it sit for a few minutes to soak in the color and then wipe it off...wah-la, swirly colored eggs. Luca had a great time playing in the shaving cream and making his hands different colors. We even used our brown eggs. I just couldn't bring myself to buy the eggs from the store even though they were just 99 cents.

I think they turned out pretty darn good. There is one mystery egg here that has been dyed for an April Fool's joke on Monday. Can't wait to use it!
Happy Easter!

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  1. I'm in Kansas and with you on being through with Winter! This is April and our current temp is 34.
    My middle daughter found cool ways to decorate eggs on pinterest too. I hope she took pictures!