Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starting a New Blog with A New School Year

Welcome to my blog. I am starting this blog to help journal our adventures homeschooling. I love to scrapbook, but am so far behind, I thought by having a homeschooling blog it would help me keep track of what my kids are doing when. You know, all those cute things they say. I tend to write them on paper and of course, the paper disappears.

This year Nico is entering "5th grade". I say that loosely as he is all over the board in his skills. His birthday is in September and I started him in K the summer he was 4 years old. This puts him in the 5th grade this year. (In public school he would be 4th grade). I am excited about this upcoming year. For the past few years I have struggled with some issues he has had with reading. He tends to skip all the little words, just reading the big words to get the point across. He will even transpose a sentence; seeming to read it ahead and then paraphrasing it when actually read. I have been doing some research on the right brained thinker and he seems to fall within the realm of the characteristics. So, this year we are adding more hands on and visual things for him. I am most excited about Health. He has asked to do a health class this year (I love when he asks for a class). I found, through Winter Promise, a class called The Human Body through Forensics. How fun to get two things studied in one. There are many hands on experiments, paper making body parts, reading, games, and discussions. Other classes are the basics, Language, Reading, Math, History, and Science. We are also adding Latin and Greek Mythology. Nico has stressed an interest in being a veterinarian. We will be working on our second book of chemistry this year too.

Luca is starting Pre-K 2 this year. I bought, through Winter Promise, Journey of the Imagination, and I'm Ready to Learn. These are both literature based learning along with math, art, music, learning letters, all things preschool.

Up until this school year, we have used an extra bedroom in our house as the school room. It was originally  my scrapbook room, but I graciously gave it up to secure an isolated space for learning. (Thus not as much scrapping getting done). Last year though, I bought an out building knowing I wanted to convert it to a 'one room school house'. Well, we finally have it ready to go. (We still need to run electric, but we do school during the day, so we have sunlight to get us by there...heat in the winter will be good though). This is a picture of the outside of the building. I love it because there is a loft area in the top. I have all the school supplies for future use stored up there. The front part with the cute loft door has been given to Nico and Luca to use as a 'club house'. They love it! It will be so nice to have a separate learning space from the house. It is so distracting when Mike turns on the TV and the kids immediately what to see what is on. 

The kids really seem to enjoy it so far. We'll see how things go when we start our new school year on August 29, 2011.

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