Saturday, November 26, 2011

Always Changing

This past week has brought a big change for our little school. My oldest son, Brian, came back to our house and has decided to finish his high school degree which he has been working on. It is an online degree and he is down to one class. We had a great week and I am really keeping my hopes up that he has decided to change and get his things in order. We are going to work with a friend who sells warehouse items on ebay and get Brian hooked up with him to start selling his items. This is something he can do at home or anywhere he is at (he just has to drive to get the merchandise to mail when sold). I would love for him to work someplace else as well, but we have agreed that he needs to be sure he will stay in our area to apply for any job locally as gas it too expensive to do a lot of driving for a minimum wage job.

With him coming back we rearranged the school house so each boy has a desk and I have one too. (good thing I bought that desk from IKEA a couple of weeks ago!). With the holiday we have missed a few days of school, but the days we did all work out there everything went great. The boys all did what they needed to do. Again, keeping my fingers crossed this week goes well too. I know, at 19, he is totally bored at our house but I am working on getting him his own phone so he can chat with his friends when I am not there.

Another change coming in January is a work schedule change for me. This will effect our school schedule a bit. Every other Tuesday night I will now have to work a 12 hour shift. At the present time I work Sat, Sun, Monday night 6pm-6am. We do school work on Tues-Friday with Wed-Friday being heavy days. Now every other week will be a little short changed due to my lack of sleep, time, and energy. Luckily Brian and Nico work on their own. Brian definitely can do his on his own and Nico will be given things that don't need all my instruction time. We may have to do some school work on Saturday or just go longer in the summer. We used to go year round, but last year we took off 3 months for the wedding and a break...we all loved it. It looks like maybe only 2 months will be off this year.

I am not complaining at all about the job. It could be ALOT worse. I am blessed to have my job now for 20 years. I have gone through many schedule changes with each bringing new challenges that I have overcome. The worst of this is changes for my kids and their schedules in the evening on Tuesday. But, again, it is workable. (better than any other night of the week. Nico is in competitive hip hop he has to be there on Thursdays.)

On another changing note, I am happy to say Luca is improving so much in his classroom work and attention. He has made great strides in his work recently. This week I gave him a matching shape worksheet. He had to glue the items that matched the shape in the square. He immediatley started gluing without me giving instruction, knowing what he needed to do. We write his assignments on the board and erase them as they are completed. He has started paying attention to the board and counting down the things he has left to do.
He is excited about letters and numbers and really wants to read. We are working hard on all of this.

Nico is working more independently, but he does not like it. I think he still likes to have mom there helping him and by his side. It is sad, but he is growing up! I am just so lucky to be able to be home with them and teach them! How can I complain about my work schedule. I get to work full time and be home with my kids!

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