Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mini Vacation

Last week we took a mini vacation. By mini, I mean 2 nights in the RV at a campground 30 minutes from home. IT WAS WONDERFUL! We went to Tievoli Hills in Clarksville, MO.

A fall photo posing in front of the river.
The first day there it was beautiful weather. We drove into Clarksville and had a late lunch early dinner. While there we went to the Lock and Dam 24. They had a barge in the lock. I was super excited because we have recently finished reading "Paddle to the Sea" and Nico had to do a little research on Locks and Dams. We spent 45 minutes watching the barge move out of the lock, the lock refill with water and the tug with the rest of the barge move into the lock. Being able to see things in action gives it so much more meaning than reading about it in a book. (I also got to count those as hours :-)

The lock at lock and dam 24, Clarksville, MO

Nothing like a good splashing in the creek bed.

The campground consists of vacation homes as well as camping. There are timeshares, recreation center, hiking trails, and best of all WINE TASTING! The store the Port the winery in St. Genevieve makes in the basement of the wine cellar here in Clarksville. Mike and I being wine lovers, we popped in to do some wine tasting. They also brew their own beers, so Mike sampled some of those as well. We did find several wines we enjoyed and bought two bottles. I really enjoy supporting our local wineries :-)

The Bistro and wine tasting building

After the wine tasting we hopped over to the rec center and played some basketball with Nico, Air Hockey with Luca, and Mike and I took on some ping pong. This is the day it really started cooling off. We had a fire stocked outside, but it was even too windy to sit outside for long. We spent several hours in the camper playing board games, surfing the internet, and being together as a family. Even our dog, Thor, was with us. Nico put him to work pulling him on the scooter. Mike videoed some footage of this event. However, it cannot compare to the crash landing that Mike took while he was scootering with Nico. He came back with a bloody arm, bloody leg, ripped shorts and shirt. Luckily he didn't crack his head!
Thor being put to work. Mush, mush! He was done for the night.

While not a crazy, exciting far away trip, it was pleasurable none the less. Just being away from the every day routine and taking the time to play the board games with the kids was a pleasure in itself. (Also sleeping in and having 3 days off school).


  1. What a great short vacation! It's so nice to have a short break, isn't it??

  2. Oh it looks like a lovely time!!!!