Sunday, January 8, 2012

Modifying the Tree

The last two years we have had real trees for Christmas. This year I went ahead and bought an artificle tree so to avoid all the pine needles in the carpet. I just love our prelight tree. The branches are so perfect on it and all the lights work. I just hate to think about shoving it back in the box (which it never fits back in right). I slyly asked Mike if he cared if I left the tree up and decorated it for Valentine's day, the for St. Patrick's day and so on. I promised I would not buy ornaments but MAKE them. Sooooo...this week is going to bring some fun to our classroom....starting to make wintery items and Valentine decorations for the tree.

We never did get to read all the stories I wanted to read for the holidays so we are going to start reading the wintery ones and doing activities with them. We'll add in the Valentine books and animals that live in the cold. I am looking forward to the fun it will bring and the colors it will bring to the room. I think a new tradition may start with Cupid leaving a little surprise UNDER the tree just like Santa. St. Patrick's Day can bring a note from a leprachaun with directions to find the 'hidden pot of gold'. We can have all kinds of fun with this. I am glad our living room is big enough to keep it up.

I don't have my pictures with me today, but this week in school Nico did a really fun experiment involving chewing up bread and spitting it out. We had recently done an experiment determining which foods had starch in them by using a simple iodine test. This week we studied amlayse and how it affects the starch molecules in our food. Nico chewed bread for 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 3 mintues (quite difficult to do and not swallow!). He spit them out after each time interval (yep, kindof gross..but how else are you going to learn). He then put iodine on each sample to see how much starch was present. It was a little difficult to tell, but there was a difference in them.

Luca started MUS Primer and is loving doing 'big boy' math! He is also starting his own letter book working on a letter a week. He continues to ask to do the Headsprout website working on reading skills.

As for myself, I was playing with my new camera my wonderful husband bought me for Christmas! Again, I am at work so don't have access to the pictures I took, but I got some beautiful shots of our roosters and the boys this week. I am planning a field trip to the butterfly house or bird sanctuary so I can get some good colorful pictures. It is not much fun taking pictures of dead grass and an empty pond.

I also sold my little red Saturn (well my husband secretly posted it on Craig's list and sold my Saturn right out from under my nose!)....but that's okay....we ended up buying a VW Jetta....super great gas mileage for my long hauls to work!!! It is not brand new, it is a 2000, but having a husband that was an airline mechanic has many auto maintenance. Immediately he dug into the engine and is replacing some parts with newer ones before I start to drive the wheels off of it. I forgot to mention that about 5 weeks ago, Mike had bought himself one as well. We are now a VW family. I love my husband for being so thoughtful of our money and caring for our safety while we travel.

I'll get pictures posted this week when I am off's my 48 hour week so not expecting a lot of housework to get completed. :-)

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