Tuesday, February 21, 2012

January Wrap Up and Into February

I can't believe the month of January is over already. I had plans to go like gang busters after having all the time off with Thanksgiving and Christmas. My 19 year old son made alterations to that plan. He ended up in the hospital for a week in ICU. I, of course, spent my time there, and the two little ones didn't get much accomplished in the way of schooling. Nico did go with me one day to the hospital and brought a couple of lessons with him.

With all that, we did keep up a pretty good pace otherwise and have been making great strides. Luca is doing better and sitting (well standing, hopping up and down, wiggling, etc) and doing his lessons. I have to do his in short bursts as he easily gets bored or tired of the same subject. He is doing better at numbers and is now pointing out numbers when he sees them at the store and on the road. We started doing a letter a week. At first it seemed he wasn't catching on, but he is getting the hang of it now! He loves computer based learning, so often he gets to play learning games on the computer.
Look at that face!

Nico has been loving science! We finished chemistry and are moving onto Physics. Lesson One - Newton's First Law of Physics. Nico threw the ball with a string attached to it to see the ball stop by having the opposite force acting on it.
Nico's favorite chemistry experiment was making polymers! He still has the polymer although he left it out and it solidified. Here is what we used. It was the best polymer we ever made!
We have moved on in MUS to Delta. Nico is now on division. He absolutely loves it. We started watching the video and he already had the worksheet finished. Of course, this is basic division...just wait until the numbers get bigger. I know he will do fine. Math is one of his favorite subjects although he may say differently. He flies through it.

Into February Nico has spent 3 hours one day working on his Valentine box. He created Plants Vs. Zombies. As a kid for me, Valentine's Day was always so much fun. We decorated boxes for school and won prizes for best box. We didn't just decorate with hearts and stuff either...we went all out. My sister had a guitar one year, I had a record player, complete with record and parts from a player attached to the box. I have loved carrying this tradition over with the boys.

A little game of Angry Birds?

We are enjoying our days and are ready for spring and park days to get here!

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