Sunday, February 12, 2012

Update of Organization Challenge

Nico and I went to Target and bought a shelf system for his room. He has several wheeled plastic storage containers that he wants to give his brother. He wants to make his room look more 'grown up'. We are also trying to color coordinate his things a little better. He has decided on a hot rod theme for his room. Luca doesn't want the Transformers so all the blankets, sheets, and stuffed pillows are going up for sale. The money made will buy some new things for Nico's room. I also pulled out several items to sell such as the rails for the bed, left handed ball gloves, and an Easter tie and suspender's I bought for Brian when he was little (19 years old now) and the package has NEVER BEEN OPENED! What!!!???

I started on the closet last week and have it organized and cleaned up for Nico. All the clothes are back in the hanger storage, the Transformer pinata that was there for years is in the wood furnace. I have a few hooks to put up for his back packs, but I think the closet is done for now.

looking into the closet. This corner has been purged and straightened.

The tubs are full of clothes for him to grow into and Luca to grow into. We managed to clean the shelves up to get him some extra storage for items as well.

The last of the three bookshelves that were in his closet. This one is staying.

Nico worked on cleaning up the LEGOS scattered on his floor. He had to constantly be reminded that he was cleaning up, not building. :-)

This week we are going to hit the room hard collecting the toys and other items to put on Craigslist to sell. We will rearrange his furniture and put together the shelf unit and figure out what goes where. 

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