Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Three Sons

Things have been busy on the home front. We have had such beautiful weather we have been spending all our spare time prepping for chickens and the garden. This Wednesday, April 4, we are expecting to have 22 chickens hatch. We are also expecting 50 chickens coming in the mail. The 22 are from our own flock that I hatch to replenish our laying hens. The 50 are meat hens. I am so looking foward to fresh chicken this summer! So with that, there have been lots of pens to get ready for our new additions.

My oldest son, Brian, turned 20 on Thursday. I just don't know where the time has gone! We spent several hours together on Friday, just the three boys and myself. I had a good time doing a photo shoot with them. They were all so cooperative and they even all put on the matching red polo shirts I got them...without one complaint! This is the first time I have ever put them in matching clothes for taking pictures. Here are just a couple of them. I also took individual ones of them as our 'school pictures'.

These boys have such a fun time together. I love the age gap! It is such a joy when they are all together laughing and loving each other. How did I ever get so lucky to be selected as their mommy!?

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