Sunday, July 1, 2012

Promise To Do Better

There, I said it! I promise to do better this year keeping up with my blog! The time just escapes me and the next thing I know it is the end of the month. Here we are half way through the year already. We are taking a break from school this summer---I should say 'formally taking a break' as there is never a break from learning. We are sticking with math worksheets, games, and reading each week but not on such a strict schedule.

Nico just had a great week at his first away from home summer camp. Oh my, was I one scared mama to walk away from the camp leaving my 10 year old with COMPLETE strangers and two hours and 10 minutes from home. I did survive the week, mainly because the camp, Bear River Ranch - Cub Creek Science Camp, posted pictures daily of the kids. Let me tell you, I was a photo stalker! Here are a couple.
Skit Night


There weren't as many photos posted as I would have taken, but anything was better than nothing. The whole camp is science based - oops, did I say we were taking a break - every day is a learning adventure even without camp. They have a Jr. Vet program, Adopt a Pet for the Week, and then many classes each day he was able to sign up for. He adopted an Artic Fox and got to spend time every day with her, feeding her, playing with her, and learning about her. There are over 100 domestic and exoctic animals at the camp which they were able to encounter during the week. It was a miserably hot week, up to 109F, one day, but those kids pushed on. They did have air conditioned cabins and eating hall. There was also a pool and lots of cold water to drink. The heat didn't seem to bother them at all. I am so glad Nico had this opportunity to go out and be a 10 year old. He is always such a 'daddy' to Luca that he needed this time to not worry about anything but himself. (I did bring my camera on pick up day and took photos as he showed us around the camp).

Now in another week he gets to go to Huntsville, AL with Mike over the weeekend for jet camp. Ooops, more learning,,,,darn, we must stop that :-)

Luca was able to get mom and dad's undivided attention while Nico was gone and he loved it! He missed his brother terribly, but we had some good fun and quality time together.

I have started planning out our school year, starting on August 14. I am excited about it, the classes and curriculums I found, and the new idea of a schedule change. (more on all that later!)

Other fun things happening this summer: a sleep over at the St. Louis Zoo, A keeper for a Day for Nico, wrestling camp (2 hours a night for a week) for Luca, and Luca will be in the play 101 Dalmations. This promises to continue to be a fun filled (learning) summer! sssshhhh, don't tell the boys ;-)

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