Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to HomeSchool - 2012

Welcome to My Angels Academy

From day 1 I knew what I was naming my homeschool. My 3 boys are definitely my angels. They are a true blessing for me...mom to 3 adoptive boys. Academy made it sound pretty high class.

My oldest son, Brian, is 20 and is out of school. I homeschooled him for a very short time. I wish I would have fought harder to pull him out but that's another story. He ended up finishing his schooling through an online school. He has many struggles as he has Congenital Myasthenia (which is a whole other blog). He is a fighter and always was. I just wish as an adult he would start fighting like he did when he was a child.
My second son, Nico, is 10. He is adopted from Guatemala. I adopted him as a single mom in 2003. He is such a charming young man. He is a major light in my world. He is loving, caring, funny, very type A personality, smart, and just a person everyone loves to be around. Nico is a right brained learner. I finally figured that out this year. After learning that and reading up on it the changes I made in our lessons made a major impact on him. He has always had a love of learning. From little on he watch Discovery and History Channel over cartoons. He still does! His future goal is to be a veterinarian. This summer he spent a week at camp that has a Jr. Vet program. He loved being with the animals! Nico loves hip hop dance and was on his first competitive team this year. Nico is doing 5th and 6th grade work this year.

Then there is Luca, the baby, at 5 years old. He is so different than Nico. Luca is also adopted from Guatemala. He came home in 2008 at 14 months old. He is a firecracker! He definitely keeps me on my toes. He has a super funny side and if he were in public school would be pegged the class clown and probably the trouble maker. To me he is all boy and I love it. He is very loving and adores his big brothers. He does not particulary like school but cooperates well. He seems to have some issues remembering things so we do a lot of repitition. He is starting in on K work this year. Luca also loves dance and soccer. He is trying a wrestling camp this week.

My goal this year is to really make school fun! Nico tells me alot that school should be more fun. This year Nico will be doing more independent work that involves more hands on activities. I am going to be striving for him to be more involved in his learning. I will have to be working more one on one with Luca as Luca cannot do many of his lessons all on his own as Nico can. Sometimes this causes issues as Nico feels he is being left out. I am going to do my best to make sure he realizes I am there for him and will help him, but he will need to do more on his own. I love reading the lesson chapters with him and then having him do the assignments or lab work. This year I am throwing in some DVD guided learning where he listens to someone else teach and then completes the lessons. Nico will also be helping in some of Luca's learning as I have a really fun History curriculum for Luca that Nico will love as well.

I will leave the curriculum discussion for the next postings. We will be starting school officially August 14 (although we have been doing math and reading 3 days a week all summer). I am looking forward to mixing things up! More to come.....


  1. My little boy would probably be labeled class clown and trouble maker also, but I sure do love my "all boy." My kids say I need to make school more fun, too, that's one of my goals this year as well. Thank you for sharing your angels with me. =)

  2. Love that last picture - those look like three well-loved boys! Precious!!

  3. I have decided to homeschool for the first time this Fall. I am scared but excited. I have one very stubborn and strong willed boy. He names our homeschool and I started a blog to document our homeschooling adventures. I have 3 blogs.... I guess I am documenting kind of person too.