Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf On The Shelf

Our little Elf is named Christopher. He arrived for his first time last year. Christopher is getting braveer and having more fun with the boys this year. Here are some of his shinanigans and spy missions.

Christopher arrived this year in the Aloe plant.

He was fishing in Nico's fish tank.

Playing spy games in Luca's room.
Hanging out with some "Angry" friends.
Taking a ride on the Hot Wheels track.

He left some Elf Kisses to encourage good behavior.
He delivers weekly Elf Reports.
I have a few more but for some reason the blog is not liking them to load. He has TP'd the Christmas tree which Luca thought was "AWESOME". He was using marshmallows to build a snowman and has been seen hiding out in the plants throughout the house. Just a few more days left for Christopher to send back full reports to Santa!

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