Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dance Year 2012-2013

Another season of dance is coming to an end. Recital just finished but we still have Nationals in Kansas City to attend the end of June. They dance for Aim High Elite in our home town of Troy, MO.

Luca couldn't wait to get on stage like his brother. I know he is anxious for competitive dance, but has a couple of years to go before he is at that level. I just love watching them both dance and the joy they get from it.

Here are some photos from the year.
Putting on his charm.

Luca participates in the tap, ballet, and jazz group. This years recital was tap.

His favorite dance is hip-hop. He couldn't wait for recital to be over so he can wear his costume at home.

He has all the right attitude.

On stage with the girls. It doesn't bother him in the least he is the only boy.

Nico has had a great year! This is the first year he did a solo for competition. Here he is with his coach/instructor, Nathan and his friend Kara who also did a solo this year. They were great moral support for each other.

In the first competition of the year Nico cleaned house. He was in the Novice division and took home 5 awards, including a check for $35. He was moved up to competitive for the rest of the competitions and still did very well.

He favors the street style hip hop dance. He is often upside down. Many kids don't do this in competition.

He really gets into his dancing and loves to perform.

Here he is with his team, OZONE. This is the second year for this group to dance competitively. They are always a joy to watch. This year they have really grown to be a more cohesive group and working together.

I always hate the end of the dance season. I really enjoy watching the boys on stage. I think they are both ready to move onto new routines though. Nico is already planning his solo for next season and is planning on adding a duet with his friend Kara. (mama better start working some OT ;-)

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