Sunday, June 9, 2013

Luca Turned 6 - Minecraft Party

May is a busy month of birthdays for our family. It starts with mine on the 17th, then Luca on the 23rd, and Mike wraps it up on the 31st. That's a lot of cake! We then had Luca's party for family and friends on June 7.

Luca chose the theme Minecraft this year. I don't usually go to crazy with decorations but Pinterest had me going this year.

Here are some of the things we did.
Nico, my 11 year old created and decorated the cake. All I did was bake the square cakes and make the icing.
I got the idea here.
I used a large square cake pan that Nico cut up for the body and legs and a small one for the head. I made my own buttercream icing. It was delicious!

Nico helped me come up with ideas for some of the rest of the items used in Minecraft.
The only other edible items (besides the coal and TNT) are the gold (Rolo candy) and
the Iron (chocolate wrapped in aluminum foil)

I love the Minecraft birthday sign. You can download and print it for free here. There is also a free Minecraft font
which you can get here.

Since coal and TNT are a big part of Minecraft we created some of our own.
I got the idea here

The kids used square blocks to paint their treasure boxes. Although they ended up not having squares but just using them to paint the whole box. No worries, they had a great time. I also had little pails I purchased from Wal-mart that were given as 'goodie bags'. I purchased rubber coal and blow up torches for cheap from Discount Party Supplies.
I had one very happy little boy by the end of the evening. He was most happy to have a friend attend his party. He is used to big brother having friends over. I don't just invite the friend, I invite the whole family. We love being with friends and family and just sharing the special times. Luca couldn't give me enough hugs and Thank-you's that night. I went to bed with a full, happy heart that I could give my little boy this special day.

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  1. I keep hearing about Minecraft... I think I might have to look it up. It sounds like something my son would love. Great party!!