Friday, September 13, 2013

Squid Dissection

During our adventure of History through the Sea and Sky, I am adding dissection to our study.
Nico is a pro at dissecting as I used to teach it to kids at the Community College. He was 5 years old and hanging out with the 8 year and older kids. This year Luca is showing more interest in science. I also have some extra starfish we need to use up. Luca has been working on an octopus lapbook I thought I would start with the dissection of squid.
I opened this up to our homeschool community as I had to buy a whole box of squid. I was amazed at the response. I had 30 kids on my front porch dissecting squid.
Luca, surprisingly got into it.
Below are a few pictures of our fun day.
Luca bravely touching the squid.

Even though Nico had done this before, he enjoyed doing it again. Of course, you always learn something new or refresh your memory.

As the final part we pulled the pen out of the squid and wrote our names with squid ink. This was the best part!

Luca gets some help from another mom so he can cut.

Our school year is continuing to go very well. We have gotten behind in a couple subjects due to things coming up during the day. The great thing about homeschooling is the flexibility we have. It is great to be able to change things up and even complete some things on a Saturday.

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  1. great activity, my kids squirm at the thought of dissecting so we have only done online versions so far. We just moved to MO after spending five years in England.:)