Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nico Turns 12!

I know I say it every year....where does the time go? But, really this year it seems like we just celebrated Nico's birthday. I am not sure if it is because he had the same theme or, time just slips by too fast.
Nico has been having sleep over parties since he was 9. This is the first year that everyone invited was able to come. He was over the moon excited. He had the nerf battles all planned out. (How I missed a picture of them all in their gear I don't know...but they were awesome.)

I am such a proud mama of this growing young man. He fills my every day with so much love, insight, bravery, empathy, and skills.

Besides the gift he saved up to buy, he loved the right of passage to be able to sit in the front seat of the car. (although I still prefer him to sit in the back ;-)

I was going to buy Nico a cake at the local bakery. He insisted he didn't need one bought and wanted to make one himself. It is a cherry chip with cherries in between. It is not fancy, but he is not a child that asks for much. He was totally happy with it. Unfortunately the dog ended up eating the cake the night after the party.

Who ever said Homeschoolers are unsocialized has never been around our house. Nico makes friends every where he goes. Most of these kids are homeschoolers from various groups we are in and two attend public school. This is an awesome bunch of kids!

The morning after playing some exploding Jenga which he received as a gift.

Since the theme was Nerf Wars Nico wanted to make some barriers. I have a stack of pallets sitting in the back of the house. Nico dragged up two and asked for some help cutting them apart. I did the cutting, but then he did all the rebuilding to create his barriers. I think he ended up with 4 of them.

He added the rabbit feeder as a holder of bullets.

Nico's only request for his birthday was money or Amazon gift cards. He had been researching the Traxxis RC car for quite a while. He knew he wanted to save up his money for this. His birthday was a perfect time. That Thursday night we went to the bank, got some cash, bought an Amazon gift card and ordered his car. It arrived Monday, Sept 30. Of course he had it out of the box and putting it together in no time. 


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