Monday, July 28, 2014

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     My sweet Luca is a challenge compared to Nico. Luca struggles a lot. We spent last year adjusting and changing math and reading curriculums so he is a bit behind there. He is progressing though. Luca is a workbook and visual kind of kid. He likes working in the workbooks but he also needs pictures to associate with things. He likes some hands on stuff but not if it requires a lot of detail work. (He is totally the opposite of Nico). The 2014-15 school year brings us to wrapping up some things from last year and moving on in other subjects.

     Here is his line up.
     Language - Shurley English for homeschoolers. We absolutely love this. I wish I had found it when Nico was younger. Luca does great with it. They have songs to help remember parts of grammar. Luca loves to sing and remembers better with this method. The teacher's guide is scripted. The lessons are short and repetitive but not to the point of 'I am sick of this.' We are finishing Level 1 this year and will move to Level 2.
     Reading - Reading has been a struggle. We many things but have settled comfortably on McRuffy Press Phonics. You have to visit the website to read about this one. It is colorful, the books are funny, there are short lessons and reviews for 'grading'. This is great for us because there are games, flashcards, workbooks, and many other things to keep the variety going. I am also adding in some Hooked on Phonics readers I had from Nico.
     Math - We are also using McRuffy Press Math we are finishing up 1st grade this year. Again, there are lots of games and short lessons with a lot of variety. I have also started to add in MathUSee because I like how it visually shows you the math. Luca had issues with it two years ago because he couldn't remember his colors. He also needs to write things down vs being able to quickly verbalize his answer. He can fly through an addition worksheet quicker than flashcards due to the processing it takes to verbalize it.

     Science - Winter Promise The World Around Me and combining it with once again McRuffy Press 1st grade science (only because I had it from when Nico was younger). McRuffy is full of fun experiments and everything is in the box. The World Around Me covers all topics and is the Charlotte Mason style of reading books and doing hands on. I bought just the guide and will buy the books separately.

     US History - Intellego Unit Studies K-2 Civics: Symbols of America Here is the description from the website K-2 Core Curriculum - Civics: Symbols of America In this fun and interactive unit study, designed to meet and exceed state and national standards, your children will explore civics through the national symbols and patriotic music of the United States! With over 33 activities and 14 hands-on exercises, your children will be fascinated from beginning to end. Each chapter includes current and active links to videos, hands-on activities, maps, readings, worksheets, charts, interactive websites, games, and much more to provide a multisensory approach to learning about the nation.
     We are going to give it a try. Nico didn't really like Intellego as it wasn't comprehensive enough for him and it was too much back and forth websites, reading, etc. I am thinking the more basic ones will be better for Luca. This should only take about 20 hours. I will reevaluate from there and decide if I want to switch to Abeka for Social Studies or continue with Intellego. I did like Abeka for 3rd and 4th grade for Nico.
     Spanish - We will use Rosetta Stone

     Art - Artistic Pursuits K-3 This is a book I had left from Nico as well. The boys will not be able to attend art classes this year so I want to do it at home. Now that I think about it I am going to choose one for Nico to add once a week.
     Music - I don't usually incorporate music only because Nico hated to sing. Luca on the other hand likes to sing and can use some help with rhythm. I also have a piano at home collecting dust since Brian moved out. I do not know how to play the piano but found a curriculum that says I don't have The Hoffman Method Piano we will give it a try and see what happens. I even have a full keyboard we can put in the schoolhouse for lessons and practices can be completed in the house on the piano.
     Luca will continue with Hip Hop dance, tumbling, and karate for his extra curricular activities.
     That wraps up our line up for the year. One of the many wonderful things about homeschooling is I can change and adjust our curriculum to fit the children's needs. I have learned it is not about how I learn but how they learn. 


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