Saturday, August 15, 2015

So our homeschool year of 2015-16 begins with a journey to Guatemala. I have waited many years for the right time to bring the boys back to Guatemala not just to be a tourist but to do some good there. I want them to experience the country they were born in. A team was formed that fit our time frame and when the city of Escuintla was added to the itinerary I knew I had to jump on it. Nico is from Escuintla. I think it will mean so much to him to see where he could be living and actually talking to an amazing young man named Nestor who was an orphan there and overcame many obstacles.

We will be delivering bunk beds, visiting an orphanage, seeing two villages one who has already received help from ALDEA and the other waiting for the training and help. We are having a fun day at Lake Atitlan, ziplining through a nature reserve after walking through the it and across suspension bridges (I have already had a dream Luca fell off one!). We are also visiting the 2 room school and town of Escuintla.

Our journey is sure to be educational, heartwarming, and humbling. I am blessed to share this experience with my two amazing boys adopted from Guatemala and my husband Mike. I am excited to meet the families on the team and create lasting friendships.

We have plans when we return to spend a week creating scrapbooks while all the memories are fresh on our minds. A team member, Jennifer, sent me some amazing scrapbooking items for the books. I look forward to the boys creating their own books, journaling their thoughts and experiences, and sharing those.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be doing this. I will try to update and post throughout our week.

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