Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day of HOMEschool - 2012

We made it...our first day of school 2012-2013 was a success!
It was a good day, even though the teacher overslept!
I must admit, it is because I worked until 1am and didn't get to bed until 2:30am then forgot to set my alarm clock. Luca came in at 8:30 and said, "Mom, let's go!"

We got started at 9:30am and finished by 2:15pm. I little longer than I wanted to but the boys worked hard and had fun on their science and geography projects. I am so glad I am doing an alternating schedule with just 4 subjects a day or we would still be at it at 6pm.

Here are some photos of our day.
Who needs a school bus? Not us....this is the boys ride over to the school house.

Time for school to start!

 Luca had to ring the bell too.
 I got these shoe boxes from work. Our steel toed shoes come in them. Perfect for travel cases on our journey around the world for Geography class.
 Here are the boys decorating their 'suitcases'. They will keep all the things they make this year and a their passports (making them Thursday) in their cases.

 Beautiful....although not sure why Luca is so sad.
 The boys sat together while we talked about culture. Luca was funny. He wanted me to write 'culture' on the board so he could copy it in his notebook. Nico even took notes without being told!
 Both boys hard at work. Of course, Luca was finished with his case way before Nico so he gets to work on other activities.
 Science today brought classify things. Luca had to find animals and classify them. He ended up making a poster with his different animals.
Nico has a tub full of things that he has to clasisfy in several different ways.


  1. Loved reading about their / your first day.

  2. Looks like a busy first day! What neat boxes for suitcases :)